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Miracles & where to find them

We’ve all heard stories about people who were discovered overnight. Lana Turner sipping a soda, Harrison Ford doing carpentry when spotted by George Lucas. We’ve also heard stories of people who were rejected over and over again before they achieved the success they sought, like Walt Disney who couldn’t get anyone to take his mouse seriously, or Stephen King who struggled for years to get his first book published. You might call it luck, or serendipity, or even a miracle, but most great successes have a coalescing moment, a conversation, an event that moves them from “I want” to “I have”. In our own lives it can feel fruitless to seek out those moments, because they seem so random. So out of our control. And the truth is, they are. But it turns out that even though we can’t control luck consciously, we can affect the degree to which we are open to its influence. By believing we are lucky, or that a benevolent deity is working miracles in our life, we are more likely to experience that as truth. Metaphysics suggests that this is because our beliefs change our energy patterns. Psychologists counter that it’s really our brains seeing patterns and subliminally modifying our behavior. But both agree that the more open you are to experiencing positive reinforcement for your efforts, the more likely you will actually experience them. So how can you start experiencing more miracles in your own life, and finally reach your goal? Start by imagining what it would feel like to be really lucky, to have someone working on your behalf to make things easier for you. Feel it in your whole body, with all of your senses. Find a mantra for yourself like, “I am a lucky person. Miracles happen for me,” and say it to yourself several times a day. While you do that, continue taking whatever steps you can towards your goal. Keep taking action, and feel how your actions are stacking the deck in your favor. Follow your inner compass and allow it to point you towards new opportunities (for a detailed explanation of the inner compass and how it can propel you towards your goal, check out the Butterfly Soup Guidebook). But most of all, be patient. Like King and Disney, sometimes it takes longer for our miracle to happen than we would like. But in the words of Max from The Princess Bride, “Don’t rush a miracle sonny, you get rotten miracles.”


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