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I'm here to help you become the person you want to be, whatever that looks like.

If you have something specific in mind that you need support around, we can schedule a Power Hour. 60 minutes of focused time to dig into the root of whatever challenge you're facing, and find a solution.

I do also offer packages of sessions at a discount, if you'd like to work together over a longer period of time. This is particularly useful for habit building or breaking, where you need ongoing support and guidance to get your brain & body on board with your goals.

If you're not sure, that's OK! We can set up a free 20 minute chat to go over the options and figure out what's best for you. Because that's what I care about most—you getting what you need to be finally free from whatever has been weighing you down.

My particular areas of expertise are building confidence & motivation, lowering stress, and helping you feel more productive!

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