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Your step-by-step guide to manifesting change in your life and the world!


When you understand how change works, you can harness that power and apply it wherever you want to. There is no better metaphor for personal change than a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, leaving its old way of being behind so it can truly take flight.


Want a new job? A new relationship? Freedom from limiting beliefs? The five simple steps in this book will help you navigate your metamorphosis and transform your hope into fulfillment.


Just like the caterpillar who must dissolve into a "soup" on its transformative journey, the time you spend in Butterfly Soup will leave you changed from the inside out — having found happiness that is truly sustainable.



"Aurora takes you through the entire change process and includes many of the important techniques that I use in my work including resistance analysis and focusing on the innate wisdom of your body. She really understands change and you can too if you spend some time with this book.” — Dave Kaplowitz, LMFT & Certified Group Psychotherapist



Butterfly Soup: A Guide to Changing Your Life (from the inside out)

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