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What are you doing with your Power?

We all have power within us. Too often, the people in authority try to convince us otherwise. We are more easy to control, more likely to buy things we don’t need, more inclined to accept untruths at face value without questioning when we feel disempowered, and there are a lot of groups that thrive on that. So our power lies dormant within us.

That power isn’t gone, even if we don’t see it, even if it feels completely inaccessible. When we make choices, when we decide to take action in our lives and in the world around us in a way that is authentic and honoring our deepest desires, that well of power springs forth to support us.

But it does require conscious intention. It often requires continued mindfulness and regular practice, particularly if we’ve allowed the voices of doubt and fear to quell us for an extended period.

Sometimes it even takes a while to figure out what our deepest desires really are, if we’ve detached from that inner knowing, getting caught up in the “shoulds” of life, worrying about how other people see us, and about how their lives will be impacted by our choices.

One of the best ways to reconnect with the voice of inner truth is to sit in stillness, in quiet. To allow the noise of the day and the “shoulds” to fall away. To start by making the choice to honor yourself and your physical and emotional well-being by coming to a place of total relaxation.

When you’re in that place, what do you hear? What bubbles up out of that place of calm strength? What does your yearning heart whisper to you?

We are at a turning point, on the planet and in our society. This is a time when even the smallest action can have far-reaching effect. When the fabled butterfly wing truly can create a tsunami.

What are the actions you will take? What are the gifts you have to bring into the world? Which choices will you make, knowing that your choices shape your experience of the world, and knowing that inaction is itself a choice?

What will you do with your power? Will you allow it to lie dormant? Or will you allow it to suffuse you and facilitate the realization of your dreams?


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