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How to use Affirmations for personal growth

Affirmations can be a powerful way to rewire our brains and overcome our limiting beliefs. But it's important that we keep a couple of things in mind:

1. They must not feel like a lie. If we don't believe the affirmation, we risk reinforcing the limiting belief rather than undermining it.

2. They must feel personal. If they're not relevant, or use language that feels clunky, they'll be less effective as well as being harder to remember. Keep 'em simple, and keep them in your own words.

3. They must be repeated regularly. Like, several times every day level of regularly. This is how we can leverage our brain's neuroplasticity to more fully embody the affirmation in our mind and body. Consider putting your affirmation(s) somewhere you look regularly, to remind you -- I use my phone's lock screen!

Here are some examples to inspire you. Feel free to pin them, save them, print them, share them, whatever you choose!


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