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How feeling "broken" can be a wonderful gift

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A lot of us who struggle with depression can identify with feeling “broken”. That there’s something intrinsically wrong with us deep down inside, that keeps us from being functional in the way we would like to be…or think we “should” be.

In that moment, the depth and intensity of what we’re feeling can seem eternal. As though nothing came before, and nothing could possibly come after. All of existence narrows down to this one point of pain.

What we forget is that if something is broken, it can be fixed. It can be healed. “Broken” is not a permanent state.

When we get far enough into feeling our feelings that we can begin to put words to them, can identify them as sensations like “broken” or “raw” or “just so over it my evens can’t even” then we can begin the process of recovering from whatever set of experiences led to the depression in the first place.

In some cases, working with a therapist or other professional counselor is warranted. Particularly when trauma is involved, and the idea of addressing it feels like opening Pandora’s Box and getting overwhelmed by fear and anger and grief.

But in all cases, developing mindfulness tools and techniques can lessen the intensity and regularity of the depressive experiences. Not by repressing the feelings, but by shifting the perspective and awareness that surrounds them. It’s become rather cliche, but meditation can be quite effective.

Because my coaching uses a holistic approach, we look at all of the factors in life that contribute to experiences we want to cease, or want to induce. Sometimes our diet is missing a key nutrient, which affects our body’s neurochemical responses and induces depressive symptoms. Sometimes we feel empty because we haven’t found our unique role or contribution to this ever-changing world. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by existence and just have to stop.

Whatever the origin, openly acknowledging the problem, facing the feeling of “broken”, is the first step to monumental change.


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