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Affirmations for Self Love & Emotional Intelligence

We know affirmations are great for changing the way we think. But sometimes they can actually show us the way we think.

Particularly when we come across affirmations that feel challenging. That we know should be true, but REALLY don't feel true.

Take some time with these. Try them on. See how you feel. If you find yourself tightening up, or having big feelings, there might be a limiting belief hiding within you that is ready to come to the surface and be healed.

Even when we have every intention of being loving towards ourselves, all sorts of things within us can try to stop us. Our inner critic, limiting beliefs, all the childhood conditioning that told us we're not good enough or not worthy.

But there is good news! We can actually rewire our brain so that the old BS no longer has a chokehold on our confidence and motivation. I've had a lot of success helping women step into a power they'd no longer believed they had within them. I'd love to help you too!


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