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Habit Blocker Quiz

Most people have a primary area that is holding them back from maintaining effective habits that can ensure their success in life. Which one is yours? Take the quiz to find out!

When you decide to commit to a new habit you feel:
What do you find most challenging about building new habits?
A short time after you've committed to a new habit...
When do you realize that you've failed at building a new habit?
When friends & family ask why you stopped your new habit...
Have you ever tried a 2nd or 3rd (or more) time on a particular habit?
When you feel yourself falling back into old habits, you tell yourself:
When you think about successful people's habits, you:
When someone suggests that you try an awesome new habit they've adopted..
What would help you be more successful at building effective habits?

As you look back at your entries, which did you have more of?

Mostly A - your habit blocker is DESIRE

In the beginning, you get super excited about all the potential a new habit has, all the ways it can help you be the person you've always wanted to be. But over time your motivation flags, because you forget to stay focused on your desire. You lose track of why you were so excited to begin with--or something else along the way seems more desirable, and pulls your focus. But you still want to be successful, so you're here to find that motivation.

Mostly B - your habit blocker is BELIEF

Over the course of your life people told you what you were capable of and what you weren't... and some part of you believes them so completely that it holds you back from the life you wish you were living. You feel like there's something intrinsically wrong with you, like you're missing some key component that everyone else seems to have. But you still believe that someday you'll find that key, which is what brought you here.

Mostly C - your habit blocker is PLANNING

You have so many things going on in your life you can barely keep up. But you know you could be even more successful if you had more effective habits... you just can't figure out how to add one more thing to your already over-crowded schedule! But you know you need them... it's a vicious circle. You know there's got to be a solution, because other people are successful, so you're here to see if there's a tool that can help you.

Here's the good news:


Regardless of which habit blocker has been troubling you, I've developed some simple, science-based strategies to help you break through your block and become the kind of person who consistently maintains every habit you set your mind to!

Sound too good to be true?

That's totally understandable! After a lifetime of trying over and over (and over) again, only to end up with disappointment every single time, of course it's hard to trust that there might actually be a solution that could change that pattern.

But what if you knew WHY you weren't successful in the past, and HOW to be successful in the future?

In my online course Harness Your Habits I'll show you:

  • The building blocks of effective habits, using scientific principles

  • Why some people are more successful at maintaining habit consistency

  • Easy-to-implement tools that can break through habit blockers

  • Real life examples of people who have transformed their life, and

  • How you can be just like them!

Are you ready to be a habit-setting success?

Join the waitlist!

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