Tired of self help programs that don't work?

If you've got a stack of self help books that you haven't finished reading, and a dozen online courses that you haven't completed, you're not alone!

For all of their promise, those programs aren't addressing the root of the problem: the disconnect between your mind and your body.

So you continue to struggle with low energy, procrastination, lack of self confidence — totally unnecessarily.

You can't get more horsepower by changing the paint job.

If you really want more energy and more motivation in your life, you have to get under the hood.


That's where the magic happens.


Our bodies and minds have evolved to work in some very specific ways. When you understand how to make them work for you rather than against you, everything changes.

Ready for a change?

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Let's do this.

What People Say

Cathy M.

Working with Aurora was life changing for me! I have more energy, I'm happier, I feel more fulfilled—and I didn't even have to quit my job!

Kelsey S.

An expert in empathy, Aurora has a gift for taking complex concepts and making them digestible and personal.

Amanda R.

Aurora exudes warmth and compassion, and has been especially effective at nudging me to consider new thought paths and perspectives which have frequently resulted in clearing my road blocks.

How would your life change if you were truly confident?

  • Certain that you belonged everywhere you want to be

  • With no anxiety about the future

  • Not procrastinating on any aspect of your to-do list

  • Able to say "No" as a complete sentence, without needing to explain

  • Maintaining meaningful relationships with effective communication

There's only one thing holding you back from that:

your brain

The ways that we (particularly women) were taught to think and act hold us back from embodying our most confident, powerful, awesome selves.


Most of us were taught to play small and not ask for what we need and want. To feel uncertain in meeting rooms as though we don't belong there.


And yet we're expected to provide thousands of hours of invisible labor that weighs us down and wears us out, often in ways we don't recognize—making it harder for us to accomplish our goals.


If we want to finally embody the confidence we've fantasized about and have the energy and motivation to get what we want done, we first have to manage those insidious thoughts that are holding us back.



I work with professional women who are ready to live their absolute best lives.

Who cannot wait to release themselves from the shackles that have held them back for far too long.

And I do it by helping them understand the science behind breaking through.



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